Till Daniel: Amazing

Lyssnar på lite musik, och försöker så sakta ta tillbaka ”min” George Michael, och de låtar som vi alltid spelade.
Denna tyckte vi båda om, och den stämmer så väl på dig tussen min.
För visst var du Amazing!

I was mixed up when you came to me
Too broke to fix said ’daddy you gone, I’m missing my baby’
Still missing my baby

I was stitched up by the hands of fate

Said how you gonna make it on your own if luck is a lady?
Maybe luck is a lady

I was going down for the third time

My heart was broken, I was not open to your suggestions
I had so many questions
That you just kissed away

Tell me, I guess that cupid was in disguise

The day you walked in and changed my life
I think it’s amazing
The way that love can you set you free

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